WCR is now a Bix'N Andy Dealer

About WCR


Dedicated to Accuracy

I'm a small, one man shop. I enjoy building bolt action rifles and I treat all builds with the same attention to matter if it's a 1000yd match rifle, a hunting rifle, or anything in between.


Custom Actions

Wide variety of custom actions to choose from.


Factory Actions

Turn your factory action into a custom action.



Complete Build Jobs

Repairs and Tune-ups

Complete Build Jobs

This is the heart of my business, my passion so to speak. Custom actions or building on your existing factory action. Match rifles, hunting rifles, tactical rifles. A wide range of calibers to choose from and constantly adding more.


Laser Engraving

Repairs and Tune-ups

Complete Build Jobs

Want your name on your gun ? Need your Trust name put on a NFA item ? Serial number of your pistol on your magazines ? I offer laser engraving on any type of firearm, not just bolt actions.


Repairs and Tune-ups

Repairs and Tune-ups

Repairs and Tune-ups

Existing rifles can be made to shoot better as well. General repairs as well as accuracy enhancing techniques can be done.

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  I am interested in making very accurate bolt action rifles, and also improving the accuracy of existing bolt actions. Sorry, but I am not interested in doing any work on pistols or shotguns, just bolt action rifles. I do, however, know some very competent gunsmiths that I can refer those guns to.

Walker Custom Rifles

19234 Inglewood Rd., Culpeper, VA 22701, US

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Saturdays 8am - 11am

Other times by appointment only

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