Customers' Wall

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Mike Brady's WCR Tactical 300 WinMag.

Bill Harris with his new two WCR builds. One a 300 Win Mag, the other a 308 Win. Cerakoted in black with the flutes uncoated.

Daryn Browning's 6.5 Creedmoor Heavy Gun on a Savage action and a barrel block. Stock work and barrel block done by Daryn himself !


Brandon Raines with his custom 6.5 Creedmoor hunting rifle and a coyote taken at 350 yards

James Bailey and his 7mm SAUM from WCR, next to rock hit and split at 1 mile

Bryan Beamer and a nice coyote he got with his 260 from WCR

James Bailey shooting his 7mm SAUM WCR at the Fall 2013 Alleghany Sniper Challenge

WCR 7mm SAUM vs. 20 target on butte at 1540yds in 20mph wind

Lee Bryant and a group he shot @ 1067yds

James Bailey competing with his 6.5x47mm WCR in the Mayberry Precision Rifle Series Finale, October 2012

James Bailey competing with his 6.5x47mm WCR in the Allegheny Sniper Challenge

Jim Lanier's "Twin" rifles